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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three


Mrs Gray is the class teacher on Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs Lancaster is the class teacher on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Thursh and Mrs Dalby support year three during the week.

Folk Song and Art Workshop


Year Three spent a whole day working with Ford Collier from Halsway Manor, Crowcombe.

We started our day by finding out what folk songs are and Ford taught us a local folk song.

We then went for a walk to the field and down to the church where we talked about points of interest and the history of the village.

On returning to the classroom we then linked our knowledge of the village to stories that we had been told about the place in which we go to school. Everyone was very keen to tell Ford about the giants chair!


After lunch we split into small groups to work as teams to write a verse each for our own folk song about Dunster. Once we had completed our verses we put them altogether and then performed our folk song to the rest of the school! 

Picture 1 Ford teaching us a fantastic local folk song.
Picture 2 Learning a local folk song.
Picture 3 Writing our class folk song.






During the first half of the Spring Term, we have been finding out about what makes a great playscript.  


We have learnt about the features of a playscript and have used this knowledge to help us transform the fantastic story of ‘The Gruffalo’, by Julia Donaldson into a playscript. After writing our wonderful playscripts we then worked in small groups to create puppets of the characters and to finally perform our story of ‘The Gruffalo’.


Click on the videos below to watch our ‘Gruffalo’ performance.










Scene One

Still image for this video

Scene Two

Still image for this video

Scene Three

Still image for this video

Scene Four

Still image for this video

Scene Four (continued)

Still image for this video





Story Writing


During the second half of the Spring Term our literacy focus has been story writing. We have discovered what makes a good story; the importance of having interesting characters and descriptive settings along with imaginative ideas. To bring this focus to an end we decided to write one final story!


We began by going out into the nature garden to identify objects which could be portals to imaginary worlds. We then took out our clipboards, paper and pencils to draw the imaginary worlds in the form of a map. Once we had completed our maps we spent the rest of the morning writing drafts of our stories.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

After lunch we found a buddy to work with on editing our draft stories. When editing we are always asking questions about what we have read, we use dictionaries to correct spellings and think about the different types of punctuation that we need to include.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Here are a few pictures of our imaginary world maps.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Here are some extracts from our stories:


1) Once there was a little boy called Tim who sat under a tree on a fine spring morning. As he got up to wander around he slipped backwards and fell into a portal. As he fell everything went black and when he woke up he was in a different world.

In front of him were tall slender trees and in the woods there was a path which Tim followed. The path led deeper into the woods. Tim spotted something moving in the shadows and as he went to take a closer look something leapt at him. Tim felt pain like he'd never felt before …….


2) Mrs Gray told our class that we needed to go to the Nature Garden to plant sunflower seeds. It was whilst we were there that a portal appeared! I went inside and to my surprise I found myself in wonderland! I'd landed right in front of a golden brick wall. The windows were shaped like hearts. The clouds above it were rainbow colours and there was a lake that you could swim in. There were huge mountains behind the wall and just in front of them sat a small mushroom house where the fairies lived. 


3) On Monday we were making science projects in the Nature Garden and whilst we were out there Mr. Wake  was busy repairing some of the slabs by the pond. He lifted up one of the slabs and I fell in!! It turn out I had fallen head first into a portal.

After sometime, I discovered that I had been transported to a castle prison - I needed to get out - fast. I fiddled with the lock several times until it broke. I crept out past the guards not realising I'd left the portal open.


4) One day my teacher asked me to go into the Nature Garden to empty the smelly, brown compost bin. Whilst I was out there I noticed a shiny red button and decided to stand on it. Suddenly I shrunk and  grabber came out of the bush and pulled me into the smelly compost bin! 



5) One sunny day I was playing outside in the playground when my teacher said, "come on, lets go to the Nature Garden." We had to go to the Nature Garden because we had to plant some seeds. We did that for a while then we went to do something else. As we were going back into the classroom we spotted two dragons. There was a mum and a baby. We went to see them, they were adorable! I l loved the little dragon and the teacher like the bigger one.