Dunster First School

Expect the best in everything then play your part in achieving it

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Who's Who


Headteacher 1 Naomi Philp- Headteacher

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Kate McEntee- School Business Manager
Office Staff 2 Helen Hickman- Business Assistant
Office Staff 3 Ruth Thrush- Admin Assistant

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Louise Collins- Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Lucy Hawkins- Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 3 Ellen Vickery- Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Nic Gray- Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Denise Lancaster- Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Paul James- Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Angela Hall- Year 1 Teacher (on leave)

Learning Supports Assistants

Learning Supports Assistants 1 Justine Dalby
Learning Supports Assistants 2 Jacqui Turton

Kitchen Staff & Caretaking

Kitchen Staff & Caretaking 1 Sarah Masters- Head of Kitchen
Kitchen Staff & Caretaking 2 Jana Olsanska- Catering Assistant
Kitchen Staff & Caretaking 3 William Wake- Caretaker

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Ruth Webber- Reception Midday Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 2 Linda Welsher- Year 2 Midday Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 3 Rita Green- Year 3 Midday Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 4 Year 4 Midday Supervisor