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Student Parliament

Our student parliament is made up of two people from every class (year group), even Reception class, and four from our Year 4 class. The members are voted in by their class.

Our student parliament meets with Mrs Philp every two - three weeks.  Mrs Hickman takes our minutes for us.  


The student parliament is very proud to tell you what we have achieved this year so far:


  • Sports Leaders and a new playground design.
  • School pets- two new guinea pigs who live in reception, and we hatched dour own ducklings!
  • You don't have to wear uniform on your birthday, if your birthday falls on a school day.
  • We now have a Head Boy and Girl and Deputies.
  • We are bringing back the traditional House system that has been forgotten. 
  • We have been part of talking about the plans to invest funds into our school for a new reception area, and new ICT; we really can't wait for the radio station!!
  • We have a student parliament suggestion box, and we really like publishing our joke of the week in the school Friday News.
  • We have guitar and ukulele lessons now in school as well as piano, violin, recorders and singing.


Our focus themes this year have been: Happiness, safety, curriculum enrichment and responsibility for our school.


Our next job is for a working group to look at our school rules, the golden rules.  We want to make them more easily memorable.


If you have any ideas you would like to share please can you pop them in to our parliament 'good ideas box' outside year 4 class, or email them to Mrs Philp or Mrs Hickman.  Thank you.