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Awards 29th March 2019

Kindness: These awards are for when people have stepped up and done something kind, especially when they didn’t have to. These awards can be for good manners, thoughtfulness, and showing empathy. We celebrate even small acts of kindness because that is what makes our school a special place to be.


In year R 

In year 1 Jorja, for giving a friend a hug

In year 2 Olivia, for helping a friend

In year 3 Amy, for always being helpful

In year 4 Ronan, for always being kind



In year R 

In year 1 Jamie, for some excellent work using suffixes

In year 2 Sophie, for not giving up with her writing

In year 4 Ollie, for a really well written letter


The Star of the Week Award this week goes to the whole of Reception Class for their amazingly creative idea to go up to the woods wearing camouflage to spot deer!