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Children are admitted in the educational year in which they are five (Educational Year:- September of one year to the end of August in the following year). Children may start school on a part-time basis to begin with, as a way of easing their entry. In the year 2019 to 2020 children came to school for half a day for part of the autumn term and then stayed for the whole day from then on.  The autumn term of 2020 was even more staggered due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines and to allow the children and parents to have the transition time that would normally have taken place during the pervious summer term.


The school Pupil Admission Limit is currently set at 30 (this is the maximum number of children who will be admitted to a year group).


The Local Authority is the admission authority for this school and places are allocated in accordance with their published arrangements.


A copy of these arrangements can be obtained by ringing the Parent Enquiry Line on 030012322224;

emailing or

via the Local Authority website using the following link:

A meeting for new parents is held in the summer term before new children start. Children starting school in September will have the opportunity to spend two sessions in school with the Reception Class teacher in the term before they start.


Arrangements to visit the school

Prospective parents are always welcome to visit the school in order to assess the opportunities provided for their children. Anyone wishing to visit the school may arrange an appointment by contacting the school office.